Long Sleeve Dresses

Cascading with contemporary flair, our curation of long sleeve dresses merges ethereal aeshetics with unapologetically luxurious compositions. This treasure trove of captivating styles appears in a plethora of premium fabrications – think ornate lace, cascading chiffon, scintillating silk, languid satin, sculpting ponte, and embellished mesh. Featuring a carefully composed colour palette, discover sleek black, zesty citrus, pretty pink, bold brights, rich jewel tones, delicate pastels, aquatic blues, and berry hues aplenty. The long sleeve midi dress appears with modern direction, boasting enlivened details such as intricately embroidered semi-sheer bodices, hypnotising embellishments that mirror the midnight sky, blooming floral appliqué, tactile satin panels, and artful pleats that drape with statuesque drama. Gracefully falling with ethereal essence, the long sleeve maxi dress also features in a collection of round-neck, V-neck, and off-the-shoulder silhouettes – ready to be paired with soaring stilettos and dripping diamonds for a truly mesmerising effect. Find your signature style below.

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Long Sleeve Dresses for Women